2016 – At the End of the Year

Looking back over 2016 – Hayle & Penzance together!

  • People coming to faith in Jesus – Surely the most important thing this year is that we have seen at least 7 people make commitments to follow Jesus this year. Alpha was a great success and it was wonderful to see God at work in people lives.
  • Penzance joining with Hayle. We welcomed the Penzance people over to Hayle on February 7th. After a period of rest and refreshment, we are now starting to draw out some future leaders from their number, and as a body seek God for the next steps (more about that later). They are also getting involved with serving, in the various ministries of the church.
  • Preaching & Small Groups – ‘Overcoming – The lifelong journey of Moses, ‘The Gospel Revolution’, ‘Jesus loves the church’, ‘Haggai -Putting first things first’, ‘Faith – Everything is possible with God’.
  • Baptisms – We have baptised 10 people this year, who come from both Penzance and Hayle. As ever a reason to rejoice in their testimonies and thank God for changed lives.
  • New Members – 10 people committed themselves to us in membership.
  • Outreach – The ‘To Eternity and Beyond’ Holiday Club was a great success and the Fun Day following that drew people in from the local community.
  • CreationFest – A good group of us made it to Creationfest again and enjoyed the fellowship, teaching and worship of this growing event.
  • New Growth Groups – We started a ‘Next Steps’ group to follow on from Alpha and also a ‘Daytime Growth Group’, which has made an encouraging start.
  • 55ers – We are seeing people from outside of the church coming along and enjoying the fellowship (and food) and devotion that this group provides.
  • Going Out Project – A wonderful group of people from Penzance and Hayle L &L go out every Saturday to take food to the homeless.
  • Lead Academy – As a Lead Team we have enjoyed the Lead Academy, which has challenged us to plan ahead and recognise areas for development for the church in the future. We recognise we must keep seeking God to develop and grow His church, and not settle back and become comfortable.
  • Children’s Work – We have had the challenge this year of drawing together many more people to work with our children, as we have lost some significant leaders, for various reasons, who were heavily involved in the children’s work. A big thank you to Nigel Argall who stood down from coordinating children’s work in the summer and to Sarah Park for taking on this role and leading it forward.
  • Youth work – Richard and Sharon Jones lead this group and they meet twice a month on a Friday night either at their home or at the Hayle Youth Project building. From this group, and the Sunday Warriors a new exciting Youth Alpha has started during the service on a Sunday. They have had around 20 young people attending.
  • Overflow (young adults). This group has grown under the lead of Nigel Argall and Sue Rice, and are currently doing the ‘Disciple Course’ from Freedom in Christ. Young Adults from other churches are also joining in.


Significant events – relating to Penzance


  • Penzance Gathering – To keep unity and fellowship for the Penzance people this group has been meeting as a large Growth Group on Wednesday evenings, worshipping, praying, sharing and studying together.
  • Changing Room. There is a faithful, enthusiastic team running the Changing Room, who always have stories to tell of how they are impacting the lives of those who drop in. More people would always be welcome to join the team. The weekly programme has had to be adapted so that it can be maintained. There continues to be Community Café sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and also the Ukulele group meets on Tuesdays.


The Future in Penzance

Leadership – A number of people who are members of Penzance Light and Life have been asked to step up and form an embryonic leadership team. These are the people involved – Dave Parker, Isaac Hewett, Norman Robson, Richard Jackson and Simon Jones. They have been meeting regularly with Pastor Bob and at times the Hayle Lead Team, and are seeking God as to the next steps. After the month of prayer with fasting, having considered the scriptures and words given, these are the important steps forward we plan to make:

  • Continue meeting with Hayle on Sundays. We feel that God isn’t in a hurry for us to restart a Sunday service in Penzance, and though there is some inconvenience in travelling over, there are the benefits of ongoing encouragement, teaching, children’s work and fellowship.
  • Continue seeking God for a third member of the team to work alongside Bob and Simon, and provide a future lead to the Penzance church replant.
  • Continue the Monthly Prayer Meeting on the last Monday of the month in the Changing Room.
  • Develop the Weds Gathering into 2 groups. These will not be just for ‘Bible Study’ but will have the aim of developing closer community – worshipping, sharing food, sharing hearts, breaking bread together, praying together and for each other and with intention of being missional. These would be ‘Life Groups’ where people can grow together in community and share their lives together.

One group to meet at 21 Chapel Street (thanks to Richard and Jenny for allowing their home to be used), led by Dave Parker, Norman Robson and Simon Jones. (STARTING Weds 11th January). The group will seek to develop a vibrant Christian community, where others could be invited along.

One group to meet at the home of Isaac and Anna Hewett which will include young families, but not exclusive to families. Richard and Jenny will support in this. (STARTING Thursday 12th January)


ALSO – Every 6 weeks everyone from the Penzance Light and Life groups as well as any others who wish to attend, will be invited to a ‘Penzance Gathering’ to share a meal, break bread and worship, as well as have some teaching. The first one of these will be Saturday 4th February at Isaac and Anna’s and the speaker will be Grant Van Schalkwyk from Redeemer Church in Plymouth. (Further details to follow)

What is ahead in 2017?


Bob’s Sabbatical – Bob has now served 6½ years in ministry at Hayle and under the direction of the Free Methodist Church, of which we are a part, he is entitled to a sabbatical, which will involve some time of rest, study, refreshment and personal spiritual development. Bob and Christine will be out of church life from Monday the 9th January until Sunday the 26th of February. At the suggestion of Bishop David Roller they will visit a Free Methodist conference in Florida called ‘Recalibrate’ in January and will in February spend some time visiting churches in the UK that we can learn from, as well as attend a Pastor’s and Pastor’s wives retreat. During that time all pastoral needs should be addressed to Pastor Simon Selley and the Hayle Lead Team.

Preaching Series on Ephesians – ‘What’s God got to do with it? A new series will start in January looking at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians – a letter which has much to say about the wonderful things we have received through Christ and refers to the church as a body, a temple, a bride and a soldier.

Alpha – A new Hayle based Alpha will start in the new year, under the lead of Larry and Mandy Martin alongside Nigel and Hayley Fox. Watch out for details of the Alpha Supper – Pray about who you could bring along.

Developing the Team – ‘Lengthening and strengthening’. Includes possible internship to help develop youth work and be involved in day to day running of the church.
Third member of the team to work with Bob and Simon and involved in Penzance Replant.


Praying God’s blessing for you all this Christmas Season and through 2017.
Pastor Bob Hardman and Pastor Simon Selley.

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14 (NLT)