Sermon Series: Follow me: Being Disciples

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Discipleship and simple lifestyle


A challenging message from Nigel Fox this morning. As disciples we are called to follow Jesus, how willing are we to dedicate all areas of our lives fully to Him, for all that He wants to do in His world today?



A passionate and thought provoking message from Pastor Bob on Sunday morning as he continued our Discipleship series, looking at Evangelism and witnessing.

Word of God


A passionate and thought provoking message from Pastor Bob this morning. Do we appreciate the access we have to our Bibles? How often do we make time to read His word? If we’re to grow as disciples, we need to engage with God through His word.

Creating Community


A great message from Pastor Bob Hardman as he spoke on what it means to be a Christian community: we need community, community is driven by love, and it begins at the cross.

Call to Discipleship


A passionate message from Pastor Bob Hardman this morning as he introduced our new sermon series entitled ‘Follow me’, where we’re looking at what it is to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. How do we, in the Western world, live out our lives as the disciples that Jesus calls us to be? Do have a listen, there’s some great food for thought in this!