Sunday for Children

Children’s church on Sundays during the service is a fun packed and varied programme.  There are three groups which we currently have working together.  With Trail Blazers  we are focussing on a new series called “On the trail of the real Jesus through the eyes of  Dr Luke.”  We will be looking at helping the children see how God’s word is trustworthy and that Jesus fulfilled all the prophetic words relating to the Messiah. Ignite are currently doing Youth Alpha.  Little Sparks are looking at brave and willing people who God used in the Bible like Joshua, Ruth, Samson,Rabah & Hannah.


Little Sparks 2 yrs old up until and including first year of reception.
Parents with younger children are welcome to join Little Sparks but will need to accompany their child, or stay in the service if they would prefer.

Trail Blazers (school yr 1 – 4)

Ignite  (school yr 5 onwards)

All workers in the children programme authorised under our Child Protection Policy.
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