Jake Gillespie – the Exodus Experience of Giving- Exodus 35

By looking at the experience and example of giving in Exodus 35, Jake helps to see how and what we are actually to give. On a gift day for the church  he emphasises we are to be a giving people especially in the light of the fact we are serving God who is supremely a giving […]

Richer… Fuller …More. Geoff Williams

Geoff reminds us that Jesus invites us to have Life abundantly and, by looking at 4 Bible passages, shows the way we can leave the “Misty Flats” of  mediocrity in the Christian life and live on the high places with God as we have a richer fuller more relationship in Christ.

Tom Haig – The Call of God – Exodus 3

Tom and Sarah Haig, who are with YWAM in Malawi, shared and encouraged the congregation that they are all called by God to be His and to live for Him. It is not just to become missionaries or ministers that you receive a call but each Christian has a unique part to play in His […]