John Gillespie- Jesus gives Peace

Visiting us before he flies off to teach Pastors in Poland John shares how the fear filled disciples on Resurrection Sunday were given peace.

Mark Davy – Hope

Mark brought a simple message on Hope that a Christian has because of a trust in Jesus.

Geoff Williams – Holiness

Geoff shares from Scripture and Wesleyan tradition the very positive meaning of he challenging, empowering  and enriching truth of Holiness.

Mark Davy – A Man and His Bride

In a Father’s day special Mark describes the truth that the Church is the Bride of Christ and tells of the riches and responsibilities for the Christian of being part of the Church.

Mark Davy – Freedom in Christ

Mark shows that the familiar cry by man for  Freedom can only truly be found in Christ. He explores the riches that are found in trusting the message that Christ came to set men free.