Mark Davy – Worrier or Warrior

In a well received,  appreciated, challenging and inspiring message, Mark points us to Philippians 4 and encourages us to review our attitude to worries.

John Gillespie- Jesus gives Peace

Visiting us before he flies off to teach Pastors in Poland John shares how the fear filled disciples on Resurrection Sunday were given peace.

Mark Davy – Hope

Mark brought a simple message on Hope that a Christian has because of a trust in Jesus.

Geoff Williams – Holiness

Geoff shares from Scripture and Wesleyan tradition the very positive meaning of he challenging, empowering  and enriching truth of Holiness.

Mark Davy – A Man and His Bride

In a Father’s day special Mark describes the truth that the Church is the Bride of Christ and tells of the riches and responsibilities for the Christian of being part of the Church.