David Abbott – Itinerant Children’s Ministry

David AbbottDavid’s ministry to to children aged roughly seven to fourteen years old and his vision is to lead them to all the God has for them.

David began in ministry at sixteen years old and has now been doing this work for over forty four years and has ministered in fifty four different countries. He lives completely by faith trusting God to meet all of the needs for his wife, himself and the ministry.

David believes that God has exactly the same purpose for children as for adults. There is no age or mental limit they have to reach before they can have or receive anything. Therefore they can not only be saved, baptised, filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues but can minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, be equipped and trained for ministry and have Godly character formed in their lives and more all while still young.

David’s heart is very much in working with the very poorest children and the photo was taken in an Indian orphanage he is involved in.