Welcome to Light & Life Church Truro

We are a fresh and vibrant church in Truro full of ordinary people who have found in Jesus the key to life. More than a building, a man, or a meeting, we are a community of diverse individuals united by our common relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are looking to try us as a church Sunday mornings is a great starting point, you will find us a welcoming friendly and animated people. If you like, let us know you are coming so we can expect you – we can look out and make you feel welcome – going into a new place is never the easiest thing to do!

For those who make Truro Light and Life their home, we seek for everyone to have a place in a Growth Group – small groups that meet through the week, fewer numbers, where we all have a chance to share and partake, as well as get to know people really well.

We hold that everyone is given gifts by God and we look to give room and encourage each person to discover, use and grow in the gifts and service God has given them.

There’s much more, if this sounds good to you, we look forward to meeting you and walking with you together in God’s plan and purpose.