What is it?

Marriage  courseLight and Life offers marriage preparation courses for people considering or planning marriage. The aim of the course is to provide couples with the tools to build a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

What does it involve?

Each evening consists of a short talk interspersed with exercises and questions for each couple to discuss. The course will cover various topics such as: How to recognise and appreciate your differences, the art of communication, the importance of commitment, resolving conflict, spending time together, nurturing your friendship, making each other feel loved, developing a good sexual relationship, the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

The course is run over five sessions, split as follows:

  • Session 1  Communication Effective communication is essential for a strong marriage. Couples learn to recognise how their communication is affected by their personality, their family background and their circumstances. They look at what it means to talk about their feelings and practice listening to each other.

  • Session 2  Commitment Commitment lies at the heart of the marriage covenant and is reflected in the marriage service vows. Couples consider the meaning of these vows and then look at how to live out this commitment through making time for each other on a regular basis. They also discuss their relationships with parents and in-laws.
  • Session 3  Resolving conflict Conflict can either destroy a marriage or strengthen it if handled well. Couples consider how to handle anger, appreciate their differences, look for solutions together and practice forgiveness. Organising finances, a primary cause of conflict in marriage, is also addressed.
  • Session 4  Keeping love alive Love must be deliberately nurtured in a marriage. Couples do this through nurturing their friendship, discovering how the other feels loved and recognizing the importance of developing their sexual relationship.
  • Session 5  Shared values While appreciating their differences couples need to agree on their goals and core values. They have the opportunity to discuss their priorities for the future, the roles they expect each of them to fulfil and how to build spiritual togetherness.

When can I come on a course?

Please check our calendar for the next course in What’s on or contact the church office to register an interest.