Gift Aid FAQ’s

Can I give anonymously?

As you have to sign a declaration form (for Gift Aid or Standing Orders) and the money given has to be recorded, it is not possible for your giving to be completely anonymous. The Gift Aid Secretary only needs to know your details to enable reclaiming the money from the HM Revenue and Customs. No member of the Pastoral staff will have access to your giving details.

Can I back date Gift Aid on previous giving?

Gift Aid can be back-dated up to 4 years if we have a record of those gifts.

How much can I give by Gift Aid in one year?

If you do not pay any Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax you cannot give by Gift Aid. If you pay Income Tax you should not give through Gift Aid more than your taxable income. You can calculate this by subtracting your total allowances (tax code with a nought added) from your gross annual income multiply the balance by 20% which will be the amount of tax you pay. Remember you also pay tax on Building Society and Bank savings accounts and this tax can also be claimed under Gift Aid.

What if my circumstances change?

Please notify us if you no longer pay an amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations.
If you have any other questions please get in touch with the Church Offices, Treasurers or Gift Aid secretaries.