(Sheila Etherington OBE) has served as nurse administrator at Kibogora Hospital but is now passing many administrative responsibilities to qualified Rwandan staff and getting back to nurse management. She is involved in developing a community program that will assist and encourage families who are caring for elderly family members or those with special needs. She also coordinates visits from World Medical Missions and other U.S., U.K. and German medics who have continuing programs at Kibogora Hospital. Appointed in 1983, she was the first FM missionary sent from the United Kingdom-Great Britain Conference.

You can find out more about Sheila’s ministry in her newsletters. Please contact the church office for more information

Please pray for:

  • God to build strong spiritual leaders at Kibogora Hospital Kibogora Hospital to fulfill the main objective of its existance; good
  • affordable medicalcare, as well as staff programm and services that show hope, love and compassion God has for all
  • non-Christian staff to see God’s work in their own lives and acknowledge their need for Him
  • people who are poor and vulnerable to understand God’s special love and plans for them, and for the community to be changed by seeing God’s work in their lives
  • the Rwandan church to seek God’s plan and purpose, and to follow closely His way in evangelism, reconciliation and building His kingdom