As a church we tithe from our income. This means that as people give generously of their own time, talents and money, we also follow the same pattern, giving regularly to groups and individuals locally, nationally and internationally. This regular giving is so important to all concerned. We also will give one-off gifts as various needs arise. These are prayerfully considered by the Central Board before being allocated

Below is a list of those groups and individuals we currently support with regular gifts.

Free Methodist Church Planting Fund
Currently half of our church tithe goes towards church planting via the Free Methodist Church UK

Christian Surfers
We support David Renyard in his work with Christian Surfers in the UK.

Compassion International
We sponsor several children through Compassions’ Church Engagement Scheme. For more info, please see

Sheila Etherington OBE
Sheila is a Free Methodist missionary working in Kibogora in Rwanda