As Light and Life Truro we focus on four things that help us to be the church that God wants us to be:

Church is not about turning up to meetings but about being God’s family:  sharing life, laughing & crying together, asking questions, eating meals together, enjoying, celebrating….   We’re aiming to be a healthy family, in God’s goodness, loving each other to greater health and wholeness.

Before everything else, being a Christian is about experiencing the tangible presence of God.  The heart of our desire is that when we meet we experience him together, so we place high value on learning how to allow the Holy Spirit to have his own way with us.

For the Christian there should be no separation between our ‘church’ life and other aspects of our life, like work or family or social.  We teach, encourage and equip everyone to be God’s Kingdom everywhere.  Church life is about encouraging all to bring every area of living under God’s wonderful kingdom rule.